Dentium Academy | October 18-19 2019 – Rome


venerdì, 18 Ott 2019


Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore, Rome Campus, Italy

Implantology and advanced soft and hard tissue reconstructive technique on animal model and cadaver

Oct 18 2019 – Day 1

Dr. Fabrizio Nicoletti (IT)

Head and neck topographic of surgical anatomy
Bones of the splanchnocranium, ligaments, muscles, vessels, nerves
Course of external carotid and jugular.
Trigeminal nerve: course and relations of the branches ophthalmic, maxillary, mandibular.
Salivary glands: sublingual, submandibular, parotid
Maxillary sinus and nasal cavities

Dr. Leonardo Dassatti (IT)

Mucogingival and plastic surgery in implant dentistry

Dr. Willem Kok (NL)

Implant guided surgery and digital workflow

Dr. Gianluca Tagariello (IT)

3D Guided Bone Regeneration of the atrophic maxilla

Dr. Michele Scivetti (IT)

Dentium Implant system: Surgical Devices
System Presentation
DASK & Sinus Lift
Full Arch and immediate Loading

Dr. Sileno Tancredi (IT)

Dentium Implant system: Surgical Devices
Short Implant
Split Crest: RS Kit (Ridge Spreader)

Hands on: surgical procedures and management of the soft tissue on animal model

Oct 19 2019 – Day 2

Cadaver lab hands on

  • Full and split flap, coronally advanced flap, connective tissue graft
  • Relations of the NAI (Acronym of Inferior Alveolar Nerve)
  • Implant surgery in lower jaw
  • Big sinus lift and implant placement

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