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Strong power - Maximum torque 70 N·cm

• The first motor in Korea with 70 N·cm torque

• Accurate RPM and stable torque
• Real-time RPM and torque display
• Real-time PID for automatic adjustment of RPM and torque without calibration
• 7 built-in programs with easy modification adequate for implant surgery
• Simple and easy-to-use on-board panel
• LCD graphic display with highly readable typography
• Slim design with easy foot control manipulation
• Compatible with most contra-angles

A » Real-time display of current step (from 0 to 6)
B » Real-time display of current RPM
C » Real-time display of current Torque
D » Rotating direction of handpiece (F: clockwise, R: counter-clockwise)
E » Current decelerating ratio
F » ON/OFF and irrigationquantity of Pump
G » Real-time display of current maximum speed in ratio

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