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CAD/CAM mill, scanner e block

5 axis orbital milling system.
2 disc blocks can be installed for sequent milling in overnight work.
Compact size of the Mill enables average dental lab to install the machine and make own Zirconia teeth In-house.

The milling machine can be placed on a steel socket or work table. It is controlled by a separate PC. A program which is part of the system(CAM module) computes the machine code(G-code) out of the given STL-data of the work piece which is to be crafted. The milling spindle moves in the X and Z axis and can be adjusted angularly. The material adapter moves in the Y axis and can be rotated 340 in the Z axis. The spindle exchanges relevant milling cutter using a tool magazine (10 tools).

CAD/CAM Scanner

5 axis orbital Scanner.
Precise 3D model scanning down to 20? can be made thanks to the 5 axis laser scanning system with 360 rotation of model.
User friendly MMI (Man Machine Interface) provides users with easy working environment even after short training program.

The Scanner functions with triangulation measurement. Laser diodes create a laser line which moves above the object. A high resultion camera is fixed with a defined angle to the laser diodes and "tracks" the laser line. The camara pictures a multiplicity of image of the laser line. Due to the resolution of the camera, every image consists of a multiplicity of pixel. These pixels are defined as dots and produce a scatter plot. Here from a grid is created(STL data format, three dots at a time are conjoined), The object is rotated on five axis, so that the laser line and the camera can picture any side of the object. The scanning process runs automatically.


Excellent marginal fitness owing to uniform shrinkage rate (20%-x,y,z)
Zirconia block with natural translucency
High flexural strength
Excellent fracture toughness
98mm diameter with 10, 12, 14, 16, 18, 20, 22, 24, 25, 26mm thickness
Zirconia Exclusive Copy Milling System

Operator's health protected by the upper and lower side dust covers, front protector and increased power of the dust extractor.
Exclusive special burs make milling easy and save time when using Implantium cement and screw-retained copings.
Minimize fracture of porcelain by use of cut-back type core rather than coping type core.
Precision 5 axis system makes it possible to produce bridge frameworks in multiple axes with delicate milling.
Fabrication of post and cores and customized implant abutments.
Fabricate up to 16 unit bridge frameworks.

1 - Drive

Sufficient strength in all speed
High torque and precise coliet chucks
Slient (silent ?) and vibration free rotation
Precise concentricity

2 - Dust collection

Dust collection from all sides to minimaze dust dispe (dispersion ??)

3 - Air Spray

Direct continuous/high-pressure air spray fowaeds (??) milling area

4 - Work table

Dual top plate for guide and milling plate
360 rotation of work table

5 - Functional control

Individually control the motor and air spray with the panel or foot S/W (optional)
Programmable motor speed with up to 6 memory settings

Excellent marginal fitness owing to uniform shrinkage rate (20%-x,y,z)
Natural translucency
High flexural strength
Excellent fracture toughness
Thickness of 12, 16, 22mm for 1, 3, 5, 7, 9, 12, 16 bridges

Curing light Dust extractor Sintering furnace
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